The Sir Robert

At your command for over 20 years

Holiday in paradise under the clear blue sky. Whether you want to relax, chat, meditate or dine: on board Sir Robert everyone will find their favorite place to be. A spacious sun deck on the deckhouse or the jib net invite you to relax and sunbathe. Popular meeting place for cocktail, lunch and chat sessions are the pretty aft deck under shady sun sails and the middle deck. The Sir Robert rooms below deck are also spacious and comfortable. The salon is the hub of social gatherings and the dining room where our chefs serve an international breakfast and delicious lunch every day.

The most important on-board facts & dimensions

  • 42 meters length (overall), 6.50 meters width, 3 meters draught
  • Class: register Netherlands
  • Cabins: 6 (shower/WC), 5 cabins with double bad, 1 cabin with ‘only’ double bed
  • Passengers: 12-17 persons
  • Crew: 5-6 crew members incl. 1 diving instructor

Below deck

All rooms below deck are equipped with fireproof walls and the cupboards, tables, beds and shelves are made of stylish Meranti and Bangkirai woods. The salon is the ship’s spacious lounge with three tables, upholstered benches, chairs and also serves as a dining room for breakfast and lunch. In front of the room there are three A-cabins (Constellation, Mystic, Columbia) and a B-cabin (Argus) and behind the saloon a A-cabin (Pride of Baltimore) and a B-cabin (Blue Nose). In the salon there is a refrigerator, always filled with cool drinks, from which the guests can help themselves – using a tally. The kitchen, which is open to the salon, invites to a gourmet chat with the chef and also serves for show cooking. All rooms are cooled, shady and offer plenty of space for our guests. If you like, you can also get into the navigation with the captain and admire the cutting-edge chart radar.

The cabins

Ship plan

The Sir Robert is an exclusive sailing ship with six passenger cabins. That means, lots of space for a small number of guests. If you will: The absolute opposite of mass tourism. We are therefore delighted to offer you six spacious cabins. All cabins have their own WC and shower. In addition to a double bed, five out of six cabins are equipped with an additional single bed. All cabins are equipped with portholes or hatches which can be opened at will from the inside and also ensure fresh air supply. During midsummer cruises we switch on the air conditioning and there is also the possibility to spend the night on deck. The sockets are European standard. That means, hairdryer, razor or charging cable for mobile devices can be used without restrictions. The cabins are all checked daily by our service staff, the towels are changed once per trip, if necessary, more often. On request, we can also offer you large bathing and beach sheets – for a small fee. Just ask us, we will be happy to help. Because we have been sailing with passion for over thirty years, we have taken the liberty of naming our six cabins after important ships from the great era of the Baltimore Clipper in the 18th/19th century of maritime history.

The Constellation is located portside in the forecastle of Sir Robert and has a double and a larger single bed, as well as its own shower / WC.

Bunk Constellation Sir Robert


The Mystic is located portside in the forecastle opposite to the Columbia, behind the Constellation and has a double and a single bed, as well as its own shower / WC.

The cabin


The Argus lies portside midships and has a double bed and a single bed, as well as its own shower / WC.

The bunk Argus

The bunk Argus


The Columbia lies starboard in the forecastle and has a double and a single bed, as well as its own shower / WC.

The cabin Columbia

The cabin Columbia


The Pride of Baltimore lies portside of the Sir Robert’s deck house and has a double bed and a single bed, as well as its own shower / WC.

The Pride of Baltimore (in short also Pride) was a US topsail schooner. It is a largely authentic replica of the famous historic Baltimore Clipper from 1812.

The cabin Pride of Baltimore

The cabin Pride of Baltimore


The Blue Nose is located starboard in the deck house and ‘only’ has a double bed including its own shower / WC.

cabin Blue Nose

cabin Blue Nose


The salon

The Sir Robert’s salon is located directly midships and resembles a large lounge. Here all guests find a comfortable place for breakfast and lunch. Here you can also find our onboard library, which is very old-fashioned in accepting book donations from and for guests – even in times of e-books.

We also pamper our guests with culinary delights. Fresh ingredients, seasonal pleasures, varied culinary delights at a high level are an absolute must for us.
From the coffee in the morning to the cocktail in the early evening: we adapt the culinary delights to the weather, the region and your desires. What is so special about our on-board restaurant? Tastefully coordinated culinary delicacies are lovingly arranged and served in the open air. Every meal has a story and a special flavor. The morning starts hearty and strong with fresh, tasty organic bread and international treats. The 3-course meal in the evening rounds off the culinary day experiences in a tasteful manner. Sometimes sumptuous, sometimes light, sometimes hearty and often adapted to the respective region: always delicious in any case.

In the afternoon we serve delicious coffee and cake. Later we offer colorful, fresh long drinks and cocktails, explosive in taste.

As free drinks we offer table wines and water.

Drinks offered for breakfast are filter coffee, tea, orange juice.

Cocktails, long drinks, local wines, sparkling wines or other spirits can be ordered from our friendly crew.

We look forward to pampering you with culinary masterpieces.

On deck

A gentle summer breeze blows around your nose, you enjoy the view of breathtaking bays or simply lie on the sun deck to read a novel in comfort. We have plenty of sunny and shady paradise spots on deck. We briefly explain the most important (and most beautiful) areas on deck.

The jib boom

The jib boom is the round timber that extends beyond the forepeak of the Sir Robert. To port and starboard of the bow are the bowstays to which the net is attached under the jib boom. For many on board, this is one of the most beautiful places to enjoy a trip at sea.

Middle deck

Midship is the area of a ship halfway between the bow and the stern.

The Sun Deck

Besides the jib net, the sundeck is one of the nicest places on Sir Robert to relax, read – or just let the sun pamper you. It is located on the roof of the deckhouse in the aft third of the ship. For the daring: With our “Swingding”, a line attached to the yardarm, you can take a plunge into the water in a particularly refreshing way.

The aft deck

When the Sir Robert anchors in the evening in the most beautiful bays of the Mediterranean and the sun slowly dips finally into the sea on the horizon, the aft deck becomes a festive dinner table and the chef invites you to a multi-course gourmet dinner under the Mediterranean starry sky. We wish you already now: Bon appétit and cheers!

The technology

There is plenty of technology on board the Sir Robert sailing ship – from a 300 HP diesel engine to the diving compressors, here is an overview.

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Engine / generators

The main engine is a Mitsubishi 6DE with 220KW/300HP and a ZF reversing transmission. Additionally, there are two generators: a Mitsubishi S4S (35KW), Silent Pack, and an MWM-generator (55KW). For several years, the Li-Ion battery system has been providing comfortable Silent Sailing with quiet nights.

Electrical grid on board

On the whole ship there are 220 volts for lighting, refrigerators, sockets (in all cabins), etc. A 400 volts grid supplies toilet flushing, the dinghy crane, etc. Two additional 24-volt-grids are available for emergency power supply and GMDSS system.

CO2-neutral power supply

Since 2014, Sir Robert Baden Powell has been the first ship to have lithium iron phosphate batteries for general power supply. It is now possible to store the electricity generated during the day for the night. This means quiet, generator-free nights. The generator can also be switched off during the day between meals resulting in Silent Sailing and pure relaxation.

Diving technology

From the very beginning Sir Robert Baden Powell has always been a base for diving. While diving in the Red Sea was still the main target (Non-Limit-Diving), it has now become one of many program points. Guest book us exactly because we are a registered SSI dive center and offer a variety of dives in addition to introductory dives, diving courses, and more. On board there are 2 Pope 250-liter compressors and a filling station for 16 12-liter aluminum diving cylinders with DIN valves and built-in international adapters. Also, on board there are weight belts and complete, high-quality equipment from Mares: jackets, diving suits, regulators as well as shorties in all common sizes – including children’s sizes. There is also ABC equipment, diving lamps and dive computers. We start the dive from the dinghy (Highfield 5.40m, 115HP Yamaha), equipped with its own dive ladder and a tank rack. At suitable places it is also possible to dive directly from the ship. An experienced diving instructor is always on board and is always available to accompany the dive as well as for courses. The main focus is not to do as many dives as possible, but to look for the best possible experiences. In addition, there is the possibility for non-divers to book trial dives and/or – if they like – diving courses.




The Sir Robert Baden Powell sails under class at Register Netherlands, class 1234+, so it is approved for worldwide passenger travel and is audited annually. It corresponds to the highest possible safety standard for this type of passenger ships.


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The Sir Robert Baden Powell sails under class at Register Netherlands, class 1234+, so it is approved for worldwide passenger travel and is audited annually. It corresponds to the highest possible safety standard for this type of passenger ships.

Safety plan

The safety and fire plan, which is also on display several times on the ship, shows escape routes, emergency exits, fire extinguishers, fire protection walls and doors, life rafts, life jackets, fire alarms as well as the entire safety equipment. Sir Robert also has a digital emergency system: in addition to GPS, this includes the “Global Maritime Distress and Safety System” (GMDSS), a digital emergency call system that can be used, for example, to initiate a rescue operation within seconds in the event of an accident.

Navigation / Communication

The navigation area of Sir Robert Baden Powell is equipped with state-of-the-art chart radar, AIS, Navtex, GPS, GPS compass, VHF marine radio with DSC, Inmarsat-C satellite communication, VHF handhelds, EPIRB and radar transponders, i.e. with all devices necessary and required for GMDSS. This area is also inspected and approved annually.

Safety equipment

The Sir Robert Baden Powell is among other things equipped with life rings with light and smoke signals, life jackets for children and adults, survival suits, 2 life rafts for 25 persons each, 2 boats, pyrotechnics, Markus Lifenet (Man Overboard Recovery), stretcher, on-board pharmacy, Epirb (emergency radio beacon), etc.


The Tabaluga ship

We hoist the sails for Peter Maffay and his foundation of the same name and are glad be able to make a contribution to therapeutically valuable stays as the Tabaluga ship. On board Sir Robert, children will find new opportunities for development and learning. Thus, the motive of the eponym to promote physical and mental abilities is incorporated in order to contribute to the development of young people.


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The history of the Tabaluga ship

At regular intervals, Sir Robert sails under the Tabaluga flag as a cooperation partner of the Peter Maffay foundation. For a short time, traumatized and disadvantaged children and young people can experience adventures on board, experience nature and promote team spirit. Here they learn to be together on the water, to live in the shelter of the ship and above all to trust each other. Simple and completely natural. The sea, the movement in the water, on the beach and while sailing has already made many kids ‘stronger’ and ‘more radiant’. Peter Maffay established his foundation in 2000. Since then he initiated and realized projects for children and young people on Majorca, in Romania or, for example, also in Germany.

Therapeutic sailing trips

This is what the children learn on Board Sir Robert:

  • 7 – 8 day of discovering new things together with their caregivers on the Sir Robert
  • Experience group atmosphere, gain trust
  • Swimming, exercise, beach games, fishing
  • Get to know the duties and experiences of a sailor
  • Feeling and preserving limits, playful, natural learning
  • Living in and with nature
  • Using nature without destroying it

Sail plan

Sir Robert’s sail plan is similar to that of the American Baltimore Clipper. However, it is not quite as extreme as the original models, the mast drop is lower, the main boom towers above the stern a little less and the schooner sail is driven on the boom. All this was done in order to be able to operate the ship more easily and safely together with the guests.

Pinrail diagram

On the pinrail diagram you can read where halyards, sheets and other lines are positioned on board. It corresponds to the sail plan. Using the pinrail diagram you can prepare for the sailing trip if you want to sail actively. This is voluntary and not expected.