Travel information

Information and tips for your stay on board

Cabin service


The cabins (shower/WC) are equipped with fresh bed linen, shower and standard towel per person as well as floor towel and hand washing gel. We check the cabins daily and change the shower towels once per cruise. We ask you to be economical with your water consumption during the trip. Our on-board shower on deck washes away most of the salt from the sea – we ask you to be thoughtful here as well.

Food & on-board restaurant


From the coffee in the morning to the cocktail in the evening. We attune the taste to the weather, the region and your desires. What is so special about our on-board restaurant? Tastefully coordinated culinary delicacies are lovingly arranged and served in the open air. Every meal has a story and a special flavor. The morning starts hearty and strong with fresh, tasty organic bread and international delicacies. The 3-course menu in the evening tastefully rounds off the culinary experiences of the day. Sometimes sumptuous, sometimes light, sometimes hearty and often in line with the respective region: but always delicious in any case.

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  • Always freshly prepared, delicious tasting dishes
  • Varied, international breakfast tables with homemade, well-scented organic bread
  • Delicious light meals for lunch
  • Culinary, lovingly prepared 3-course evening menus, adapted to the region, served at our table on the aft deck
  • Traditional coffee & tea & cakes/biscuits in the afternoon
  • For the Happy or After-Sun Hour we offer alternately long drinks, cocktails, exquisite wines, sparkling wine, Prosecco or other spirits per order

Sun mats / deckchairs


For a pleasant stay there are benches and boxes with cushions everywhere on deck. There are also comfortable, adjustable deck chairs and mattresses, so you can relax on the sun deck.

From the bow with the jib net, the best place to enjoy dolphins, to the stern, there is enough space for everyone to read, relax, chat, rest – completely undisturbed.

Bath sheets


We can provide beach sheets for a small fee. We recommend that you bring your own towels.

Tender service


Since the ship is anchored in picturesque bays on most days and evenings, the transfer to the shore and diving areas is mostly done with the spacious and safe 5.40m tender. The 115hp outboard engine ensures fast and safe transport

Practical tips for your stay on the Sir Robert Baden Powell

Are there towels, bath mats or a first-aid kit on board ? What about telephone reception and internet? We have compiled the most important questions so that you know what other travel equipment you need and what to expect on board.

Your safety

is a top priority, especially on board. The Sir Robert Baden Powell is a passenger ship under the Dutch flag and complies with the highest international safety regulations. After the welcome, there is a detailed safety briefing by the captain. The life-saving equipment for everyone on board (life jackets and survival suits) is of course available in sufficient numbers. The communication and safety equipment of the ship meets international requirements. Every crew member has completed a special safety training. Our cruising areas in the Mediterranean are selected in such a way that rapid assistance is guaranteed in the event of an emergency.

Active participation in sailing

Sailing experience or previous knowledge is not necessary for the stay. Active participation in setting sail or sailing manoeuvres is always voluntary and under the guidance of the regular crew. The captain or helmsman will accompany you when you climb the mast, and the necessary safety harnesses are available. Check-in of luggage is possible beforehand, if the arrival times of the planes are earlier, the luggage can be brought on board or collected beforehand. Sir Robert is usually located near nice cafés or bars so that any waiting time can easily be bridged. A later arrival can also be arranged with us and the ship can stay there for the first evening. We will be happy to pick you up at the agreed meeting point with the dingy.

Check out


To clear in and out, we need your valid passport or identity card, which is valid for at least another 6 months. At the beginning of the journey, they are collected on board and kept for the port authorities, coast guards. On the day of departure, you will receive your passports back.

Disembarkation and transfer

Disembarkation is by 15.00 hrs. If you have an earlier return flight, this is no problem for us. Please let us know your return flight details before departure, so we can organise a transfer to the airport or hotel for you. These costs will be paid in cash at the final settlement.

Board language

The languages spoken on board are German and English, and people on sailing ships are on first-name terms.


On-board voltage is 230 V and in the evening after closing the kitchen we have pleasant comfortable night rest thanks to our battery system.

Internet and telephony

Mobile phone reception and thus data roaming is possible almost everywhere in our coastal regions. Since extra costs for roaming have been abolished in the EU, you can make calls at the same cost as in Germany. If you need a lot of data volume, you should buy it before you start your trip or buy a local sim card at the airport. Internet cafés and WLAN facilities are also available in many ports. Wi-Fi is not available on board.

Night’s rest

We ask that you show consideration for other guests. We ask for your understanding for ship-related noises caused by sail manoeuvres, winches, generators, anchor setting and retrieval, anchor chain. Smoking: For safety reasons, smoking is not permitted below deck. You can smoke on deck and ashtrays are available. Please do not throw cigarette butts overboard.

Sleeping on deck

Depending on the wind and weather, sleeping on deck is possible in certain areas for a certain number of guests. Mattresses are available and light blankets and sleeping bags can be borrowed for a small fee. We ask you to be considerate of the other guests and to sleep quietly on deck.


There are speakers in the saloon and on the aft deck and you are welcome to use your own playlist as well as your own small jukebox. Please contact us.

T-Shirts & Caps

Can be purchased on board with the “Sir Robert” logo.


On board, clothing is casual during the day ( T-shirts, shorts, beachwear) Swimwear is not desired during meals and below deck. As a rule, it is always a bit fresher and windier on the water, so a light windbreaker, long trousers, light jumper, boat/sport shoes, socks, underwear, T-shirts, sleeping clothes, laundry for shore leave are generally useful. For warmer sailing areas, flip-flops/sandals, goggle strap swimwear, bathing shoes, sun hat/umbrella cap, snorkel if necessary, fins, goggles.

Other travel utensils

Sunglasses, sunscreen – no oil please- head cover , caps, towels, light sun loungers, first-aid kit for personal use, insect repellent, camera, wet bag if necessary, small backpack for shore excursions, ear plugs, sailing gloves or cycling gloves with half finders.


On board you can go barefoot or with sandals. We also ask that you wear clean sports shoes or boat shoes with non-slip soles. For the shore excursion, we also recommend hiking shoes.


Luggage should be stowed in foldable bags (trolleys) or smaller suitcases, but never rigid suitcases. This makes it easier to store in the cabin. Smaller backpacks are ideal for shore excursions.

Payment on board

For the costs on board we only take cash and ask that you keep the money ready or draw it on site. We are also happy to lock this in our on-board safe.

Sunbathing, reading on deck

Generous sunbathing mattresses, deck chairs and cushions on all benches are available to all guests on deck and in strong sunshine we are happy to stretch the awnings on the mid deck and aft.

On-board pharmacy

In addition to the prescribed on-board pharmacy, general remedies such as aspirin and plasters are available. There are numerous pharmacies on the shore excursions.


Drinks on board outside of meals are noted on the tally list, which is hung on the drinks fridge in the saloon. Depending on the situation and mood, long drinks, cocktails and digestifs are served by the service in the afternoon and evening. Soft drinks, juices, beer, wine and sparkling wine can also be consumed during the day.


Coffee and tea are usually offered free of charge in the afternoon. Hot drinks can be served at breakfast and at coffee time.

Maritime activities

Bathing and swimming

in crystal clear water is always possible directly from the ship as soon as the large bathing ladder to starboard is hooked up by the crew. After bathing, you can briefly rinse off the salt with the deck shower. Bath towels can be rented for a fee, but we recommend bringing your own due to the scarce water resources in the Mediterranean.


Stand-up paddling is being used more and more with great pleasure by the many guests. An introduction by the crew and then off you go, have fun!


ABC snorkelling equipment is available for every guest -for a small fee- and if you wish you can be accompanied by an experienced crew member.


As an SSI diving centre, diving is a popular activity with us. With our diving instructor we offer the comfort of a daily dive in changing waters. We also offer introductory dives, sometimes courses or a night dive. The day is organised in such a way that diving and other activities do not get in the way of each other and everyone gets their due. Two compressors, tanks, weights, high-quality Mares equipment in all common sizes are available – and a lot of experience.

Dingy Shuttle

With the 5.40-long dingy, we can take the pleasantly manageable group of guests spontaneously to the beach, to the village, to the harbour or to the bay at any time. You get into the dingy on the port side (backwards), one or two crew members are happy to help. Normal fitness is sufficient and necessary for this.