Swimming & snorkeling

Sir Robert

On board we are well equipped for snorkeling and have long been devoted to the growing number of snorkeling enthusiasts.

If you wish, we can provide snorkeling equipment for a small fee, i.e. mask, snorkel and fins, as well as wetsuit or shorty if required. Of course, the diving instructor is happy to explain the correct use of the equipment and in particular how to swim with fins.



On our tours, you have the luxury and comfort of an almost unlimited swimming pleasure. As soon as the anchor and the ship are safely positioned, the bathing ladder is hung out and off you go. Low ship’s side, no complicated rules, the natural pool around the ship offers endless swimming fun, whether before breakfast or after dinner.


Would you simply like to see with your own eyes what can be experienced under the surface of the water in a very uncomplicated way and without much equipment?

Then snorkeling is just the thing for you on board with us. The basic equipment for snorkeling is: snorkeling goggles, snorkel, fins and if required a neoprene suit (everything can be rented on board – for an extra charge). The snorkeling introduction will be done by our diving instructor and afterwards you can go on snorkeling excursions accompanied by a crew member or of course alone directly from board. According to the motto, see a lot, risk nothing and enjoy everything, you will experience why snorkeling means the freedom to fully enjoy underwater worlds without great effort and expense. It offers much more than the simple equipment suggests. Snorkeling is a meaningful nature experience and a healthy lifetime sport. The most important basic rule: slow and calm breathing. This is not as true for snorkelers as for divers, as there is enough oxygen. But also, when snorkeling it is important to breathe calmly, because if you want to observe nature and do not breathe calmly, you will quickly get out of balance and cannot enjoy the activity.