Active sailing

On the sailing cruise ship “Sir Robert”

You have decided for an individual and unforgettable sailing trip with us.

In our repertoire you will find
• Introduction to sailing knowledge, navigation, meteorology and routing by the captain and the crew
• Active participation in setting sails, anchoring and steering
• Taking over of the night watch (if wanted)
• For sailing enthusiast, we highly recommend the sea voyages form the Balearic Islands to Sardinia or Nice


On the first evening on board, the captain gives a brief introduction to the history of the ship, the technology, the on-board procedures, the program, sailing, diving and safety over a glass of sparkling wine. Afterwards, the crew will be introduced, and the cabins explained. On the first morning before departure, the captain or helmsman will give a briefing on the rigging and explain the most important steps for all those who wish to take an active part in sailing. The introduction also includes a detailed safety briefing. During the first day, the diving instructor will give a general briefing on diving and, before each dive, on the respective diving sites. Before the departure, the captain or helmsman will talk about the basic terms, techniques and knots for sailing. Important; the active participation in sailing is voluntary. Everyone might, but no one has to!

Setting sails / trimming

After the introduction to the rig, as well as the to the most important moves and terms has taken place on the first day, everyone is welcome to actively take part in setting sails, sail trimming, recovering or tucking. The crew will be happy to “pull together” with you. However active participation is not expected. If you just want to watch, take pictures or lie in the sun, you are cordially invited.

Knots / coiling

During the introduction to the rigging the most important knots and the coiling of the ropes are explained. If you want to dive deeper into the topic, you can learn more about the handling of ropes, knots, splicing, coiling etc.

Cartography / instruments

The Sir Robert is equipped with one of the most modern instruments like Sperry Marine Visionmaster Chartradar. In addition, more conservative navigation methods are used, such as the use of map and compass. Our captain and helmsman are more than willing to share their knowledge with anyone interested.