Land excursions

Sir Robert

In addition to our exclusive sailing trips, we offer additional, unique holiday experiences to get to know the country and its people. We show you the islands – not only form the water, but we organize longer land excursions, so that you can get to know the attractions, the culture, the cuisine of a region.
We offer day trips for hiking the bizarre Bavella mountains or swimming in the rocky pools. There you can enjoy the granite rocks at an altitude of 1000 meters. The typical lunch in Sartene is part of it.

On request, we are happy to organize shore walks, take the dinghy to the beach bar or visit small towns, hike the Genoese Tower in Corsica, do kayak paddling in the river delta or take a tour of the citadel. With the pleasantly manageable number of guests and the comfortable, stately dinghy it is almost always possible to do these things spontaneously.

Ibiza at night, a morning visit to the fish market in St. Tropez, a round trip around the Iles des Lerins or a visit to a town on the Sardinian coast – every island, every region we visit has its own charm and we will show you the most beautiful places. Through the ship we have build local contacts and nothing will stand in the way of a wonderful evening in a beautiful, individual surrounding. Has the travel bug infected you? Then book your unforgettable travel experience today.


We offer you the opportunity to rent bicycles form local vendors to explore the islands on your own or together with your fellow guests.

Easy biking as a wonderful addition on land, tranquil tours in the afternoon are meanwhile always a part of our sailing trips, whether at the Cote D’Azur on the Ile de Porquellores or around Formentera. The motto is to see and experience as much as possible.

Take a dip into the water in between, rest and enjoy!


On all trips offered there is the possibility to undertake smaller or larger hikes. There are very nice walks along the coast, which can be started directly from the beach. We also offer the chance to visit the center of the island and hike there. If you are interested, please bring the appropriate footwear.

Hiking, walking, the Mediterranean island climate is the perfect place for this.
Wonderful bays, hiking trails along steep rock paths, green meadows, dunes, climbing up to watchtowers, spectacular views – all this is possible. For some sailing trips we plan three- to a maximum of five-hour hikes on easy to medium paths, of course with breaks for a drink, lunch or swim. We have known our destinations for many years, including the inland areas, very well and we offer the luxury to anchor in bays and to go ashore just as you please. On Sardinia we go up to the famous Capo D’Orso, the stone bar – with a wonderful view of the Coste Smeralda or hike over the beaches of Pto Polle, Pt Liscia and admire the kite surfers with their wild jumps. Also, the coast of Sardinia has many hiking trials and it is simply wonderful to spend a couple of hours there walking. Corsica is the hiking paradise par excellence. Besides dreamlike beaches, the chestnut trees and many historical places, the weathered rocks and towers of Genoa are wonderful attractions.

The north of Ibiza and the south of Formentera are ideal for walking and a final drink at the Pirata Bar will definitely give you a good time.

Family travels

Holidays with cruise flair on the sailing ship Sir Robert is a huge adventure for the whole family. While the parents dive, read under the sun canopy, visit the market, snorkel or just relax, the children can go on an adventure trip.
Find a treasure, send a message in a bottle, receive instructions form the captain or skipper or jump into the water again and again. Children need variety, impulses and activities that they enjoy. Sir Robert offers the opportunity for adventure for both young and old.

Our children’s program during your sailing holiday

  • Diving and snorkeling for children on request
  • Sending a message in a bottle
  • Finding a pirate treasure
  • Getting to know the basics of sailing
  • Swimming, jumping into the water from the boat line
  • Learning of ship knots

Themed tours

We offer themed tours on special dates. These are, for example, cultural trips where you can visit historically interesting cities, volcano trips for those interested in geology, or gourmet trips where the emphasis is on particularly good food. These can be incentive group trips, seminars and weekend excursions, day trips as well as excursions to the Virgin del Carmen or the Tres Reyes, Fete National, family travels or regatta trips. We also offer exclusive theme trips such as honeymoons, cooking trips, festivals and musical themes.