Dear friends of the Sir Robert Baden Powell,

for next summer 2023 we will offer Elba NEW, as well as once again enjoy our popular and proven destinations Corsica, Sardinia, the French Riviera & Provence and celebrate the Lady’s proud 30th birthday in a fitting manner. For this special anniversary, we are offering an anniversary discount of 5% to all guests who have already sailed on Sir Robert and submit beautiful anecdotes with pictures.

From this we will be happy to publish a collection in the guest section. Please mail to, with best thanks!

Enjoy the classic way of sailing with the comfort of good food, spacious cabins and relaxed atmosphere on board.
The vastness of the sea, individual shore excursions in small groups, maritime activities and local events will make your sailing trip an unforgettable experience.

We travel climate friendly, smart & small, offer family travel, diving, hiking and brand new music culture and regatta feeling. We wish you a lot of fun planning your sailing trip and a lot of anticipation.


Sincerely yours Sir Robert Team