Directly from the sailing ship “Sir Robert”

We offer an unforgettable luxury-experience in which you have the opportunity to swim in the crystal clear, turquoise waters of various picturesque bays. Diving is also possible with us – in this regard we are happy to provide you with additional experiences. We have been able to gather these as we are a registered SSI-Scuba Schools International Dive Center. We offer diving and snorkeling courses for beginners and advanced divers, as well as accompanied dives in the most picturesque places of our sailing area. One booked dive per day with the luxury of daily changing destinations can easily be arranged upon consultation with us. Our trial dives are also very popular – ideal to get to know the underwater world – very relaxed and partly with individual supervision in one of the most beautiful bays in the world with the necessary quietness. It is important to us to provide – the perfect offer – for divers and non-divers. Therefore, it is of course also possible to go snorkeling, make walks at the beach, or to enjoy the pure charm and flair of the ship.

Diving equipment

As a registered SSI-Scuba School International diving base we offer our guests:

  • An experienced diving instructor who is always on-board
  • 2 Poppe compressors with 250 liters each
  • 18 Aluminum tanks (INT connectors), lead
  • ABC equipment, jackets and suits (shorty, 5- and 7-mm full suits) in high Mares-quality in all common sizes including children’s sizes
  • Diving regulator, lamps and charging station (220 Volts German sockets)
  • 2 dinghies – a 5.40 m Highfield with 115 hp outboard and a 4.00 m dinghy with 48 hp – take divers to places that are not directly accessible from the ship.

Our diving instructor

A very experienced diving instructor will accompany you on your journey through the unique and picturesque underwater world of the Mediterranean. Depending on the area, you can visit the whole range of slopes, cliffs and caves (easy level of difficulty), grottoes, wrecks, coral reefs, underwater mountains, species-rich fish stocks, zackies, stalactite caves.

Get to know the maritime world with the diving courses of the sailing ship Sir-Robert. Diving courses are conducted according to the recognized standards of SSI, the Professional Association of Diving (PADI) and the Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques (CMAS). The dives and test dives can be booked flexibly on board. The only thing we need to know in advance are your wishes when it comes to diving!

Test dives

On request, we offer test dives, so you can find out if diving is interesting and attractive for you. The diving instructor explains the most important things about diving in theory and practice and then he accompanies you alone or in small groups into the shallow water on an exploratory tour.

Our individual test dive has been relaxing, individual, comfortable and popular for many years. The first dive remains an unforgettable experience. The feeling of being weightless in the infinite vastness of the sea, enjoying the meditative peace under water, the play of light and actively experiencing the colors of the underwater world remain unforgettable adventures. Curious now? Then give it a try on board with us. Pure fascination and an incredible event in terms of body awareness and experience.

How to dive?

Diving is done with complete diving equipment. You will be supervised by one of our experienced diving instructors above and under water. He will explain the basic techniques and give you an introduction to the equipment and the training system. Afterwards you will dive for half an hour under the direct, personal supervision of the diving instructor. He will do some very simple basic exercises with you and together you will enjoy the underwater world.

What do you need?

Swimsuits, some time and curiosity. The equipment is completely provided by us. If you already have your own mask, fins or the like, you are welcome to bring and use them. For optimal preparation we need the following information from you: size, weight and shoe size.

Where do you dive?

Our diving instructor will take you to a calm place by dinghy from which you will start diving in shallow waters and get your very first impressions. Let us surprise you and enjoy your special experience. If you are sufficiently safe under water, you will have the possibility to dive directly from aboard.

Advanced course

You have realized that diving is fun for you? Then you can book a minimum of one week of diving with us to get your own diving license. The instructor will teach you theoretical and practical knowledge in several dives. After passing the practical and theoretical exams, your diving license will be applied for.

SSI Open Water

In about five half days you will become a safe and responsible sports diver with the complete diving training, with an internationally recognized diving license, part of one of the largest and most renowned diving associations worldwide, the SSI. The complete diving equipment is provided free of charge for the duration of the course.


If you are interested in obtaining a diving certificate, it is recommended that you see a doctor before starting your journey. A thorough examination should be carried out to see if your body is able to cope with the stress.
Basically, every healthy person can dive.

Accompanied dives

We offer one accompanied dive per day. Given the appropriate number of participants, especially with closed dive groups, several dives can also be carried out. It is advisable to inform us in advance of your interest in diving in order for us to make the proper preparations. Please remember your diving license and the logbook.

Aboard with us you have the luxury of an individual, relaxed and personal dive companion.

This means for you:
No towing of bottles, no mass processing, no unpleasant approaches by self-proclaimed `super-divers`, no underwater searching for the appropriate dive boat, no annoying fin strikes by countless divers.
Our sailing program is subject to an ideal combination with diving depending on wind and weather.

In this regard, there may be deviations from our daily program, which is updated and presented to you every morning at breakfast. (AOWD Padi, Rescue Diver, Night Dive Course, Wreck Dive, Deep Dive Course possible on request)