S.S. Sir Robert Baden Powell Diving & Sailing Cruises

Day trip by any chance?

Your holiday becomes really complete by means of excursions to the island towns that are definitely worth a visit and walks through the hinterland that has been untouched by tourism in some cases. Regardless of whether it is a half hour walk through the harbour, or daytrips comprising a banquet or a visit to the disco: we offer everything for you within our programme of events!

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Culture and cuisine
The cruises to Sardinia and Corsica form the the highlights of our summer season. Whilst Sardinia presents itself as a giant open-air museum with its numerous relics from prehistoric times and entices you to go on rambles through extensive dripstone caves, the "Ile de Beauté" mainly fascinates people who enjoy hiking with its Alpine panorama. In addition the coastal towns of Bonifacio and Ajaccio offer a range of historical sights and their townscapes are characterised by the traces of its famous son Napoleon Bonaparte that can be found everywhere.

We should also not forget Palma de Mallorca that is both pulsating and tranquil offering an overwhelming range of cultural attractions due to its varied 2000 year history. Gothic simplicity, proud Baroque palaces, Jugendstil villas and chic shopping miles form the unique mosaic of the Balearic metropolis, which is just called “Ciutat” – the city – by the Majorcans. Culinary journeys of discovery are really well worth recommending, whether it be in the form of Corsica’s very spicy cuisine with specialities such as the “Broccui” whey cheese that is produced in a refined manner from sheep’s or goat’s cheese or the Sardinian national dish "Porceddu" comprising a suckling pig, which is elaborately prepared in a pit that is specially dug for this purpose.
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Excursion into an untouched natural environment
Whenever “Sir Robert” lies at anchor you should really seize the opportunity of discovering the delights of the respective island on foot or on a bicycle. The virtually untouched interior of the island of Corsica is a real insider’s tip for hiking enthusiasts. You can go on extensive walks along old shepherd’s paths and savour the variety of the enchanting island landscape with its dense forests, lonely valleys and elemental mountain lakes.

The Balearic island of Menorca entices you with a natural environment that is still very much intact and light sandy beach bays. Incidentally Majorca’s shy sister is an Eldorada for hobby archaeologists with its monuments from the late Bronze Age. The “Naveta des Tudons” an early history burial site that is approximately 4,000 years old, is considered to be the oldest intact building in Europe by some historians.
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